Meet the Committee.....

Judy Carter.jpg

 I had a few years break from the committee and have now returned!

My background is in tourism and retail, so now I am part of the shop retail team. I have lived in Tibberton for over 30 years and our children went to the village school.


My primary role is Bloomers bread, local products, cards, jams and honey.

Judy Carter

Hi, I’m Vanessa Grainger, and I’m part of the retail group, and I’m mainly responsible for perishable goods, e.g. eggs, bacon, sausage, so that you can get a hearty breakfast, and I also get the pork and other pies, scotch eggs, and quiches. Mainly at weekends, so you can have a tasty picnic or snack!

I’m also responsible for seasonal products, e.g. flowers and plants, Christmas wreaths, logs and kindling, etc.

Should you need any of the above, or anything similar, give me a tinkle on 550582.

Vanessa Grainger.JPG

Vanessa Grainger

Nick Greenall.jpg

As Secretary I help keep the Shop on track administratively and legally, working closely with Committee colleagues and our volunteers.

It’s piloting and navigating all at once, sometimes through turbulent air - as with COVID - but with a few aerobatics thrown in to keep it fun.

I volunteer in the Shop usually on Friday/Saturday mornings and help the team compiling the weekend newspapers.

So, if you want know more about what happens behind the scenes at the Shop or, chat about aircraft and flying, or anything else, I’m on Alert 5.

Nick Greenall

As long-time Treasurer on the Tibberton Community Shop Management Committee, I have been involved with the shop from the outset, turning my hand to site clearance to make space for the structure, maintenance, insurance, till technology, health & safety and other practical and regulatory considerations we need to observe. However, life moves on, and now - most of all - I look forward to casting off all duties beyond that of Treasurer. I’m here if you’re happy to help!

Peter Henderson

Lin Rothwell.jpg

I have the “enviable” task of compiling the volunteer shop rota. It’s a role I really enjoy but it’s not everyone’s cup of tea!

I may not know the volunteers by sight but I know their email and shift preferences!!

I also have the occasional shift in the shop and love meeting old friends and welcoming new people into the shop.

Lin Rothwell

I’m the new boy, having moved to Tibberton just a year ago. I am responsible for Digital Media, making sure we make best use of the communication options out there, optimising our use of Facebook and the website in support of the shop’s activities.


I’m an administrator of the website and also do the Booker Cash and Carry run each week, having recently completed my training with Barrie Everitt. We’re always looking for additional support, so if you’re interested in helping with the weekly shop, please get in touch.

Graham Sharp.jpg

Graham Sharp

Gerry Stokes-Harrison.JPG

I have been involved with our lovely Village Shop since the very beginning, when it was just an idea in our heads. It has been such a pleasure being part of the shop and I have really enjoyed not only serving behind the till and helping to keep the shop in good order, but also having the opportunity to meet so many people.

My main committee role is that of public relations and part of that is posting occasional pieces on Facebook and sending stories to local press. I very much enjoy meeting with new volunteers and being part of the training team.


With other committee members I have been involved in organising events for volunteers including a summer barbeque and a Christmas party. Along with the church, the pub, the school and the many activities, groups and events that take place, it is the people that make Tibberton such a special village.

Gerry Stokes-Harrison

Jennie Vickers.jpg

Jennie Vickers

Do you get some of your five-a-day with help from Jennie Vickers? As a member of Retail Group, Jennie orders the shop’s fruit and veg every week, taking her less than two hours to:

•             Place an order by text on Thursday

•             Take delivery of the order at home on Friday

•             Take the order to the shop the same day,                          making necessary till entries

•             Put fruit and veg on display


Jennie does other things behind the scenes, too, and wants to set up a rota to spread the load. So, whether vegetarian, vegan, carnivore or fruitarian, if you have two hours to spare over Thursday and Friday - even just once a month, phone Jennie on 01952 550021 to find out more. She won’t bite your hand off - much!

Olivia Woods.jpg

Having joined the committee for the first time recently, I'm learning rapidly about all that happens behind the scenes to make the Shop work. I intend to fill a role on the Committee which suits my financial and business strengths and supports the team’s present and future needs.


I’m currently helping Peter with finance/retail liaison and helping Nick and Graham with the early planning for how the about the Shop better meets our community’s needs in the future.

Olivia Woods